College Office

The administrative office is located on the ground floor in front of Principal’s Chamber. It has 9 Clerical and Menial staff. Admissions, Examinations, Scholarships, Inwards/Outwards, UGC/RUSA/AISHE/RCU/JD correspondences, Accounts, Salary and all administrative activities are successfully and timely carried out.

Office Staff

SL.No Staff Name Designation Email Address
1 Shri. N. D. Nesari Office Superintendent
2 Shri. S. M. Hanji F.D.A
3 Shri. S. N. Chougala S.D.A
4 Smt. M. A. Hiremath S.D.A
5 Shri S. V. Shedabale S.D.A
6 Smt. N. Chauhan Computer Operator & IT Admin
7 Shri. R. S. Halage Peon
8 Smt. B. S. Hidaduggi Peon
9 Shri. B. M. Gurav Peon

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