Library Details

Grant No of Copies Total Amount
General Grant 9780 . 381520.51.
UGC Books 7789 . 798295.69.
PSLL Books 509 10178.50
HRECC 261 155094
PUC Books 1356 . 165586
TOTAL 19695 15,16,674.7

Book Borrowing procedure and Library Reading Facility:

  • The library has a closed access system. The library staff looks after the circulation reference and periodical sections.
  • Every student is issued one home lending book per week.
  • Throughout the semester, through UGC book bank, students get a set of books.
  • Reference books/Journals/Periodicals/Question Papers are issued on production of Identity card daily.
  • Research scholars of neighboring area and staff members of sister institutions are also use the library services.
  • Library Timings: 10.30am to 6.00pm

Special Features:

  • All users will be held responsible for any damage or loss of library materials in their possession and will be required to meet the cost of replacement and processing.
  • E-resource centre
  • Multimedia interactive library
  • Display of new arrivals
  • OPAC search point
  • Paper clipping Service
  • Books are bar-coded
  • Bar-coded Identity badges are generated and laminated in the library
  • Provision of separate reading room for boys and girls
  • Books on competitive Examinations
  • Digital Medium books (Compact Disks)
  • Book exhibitions on some important occasions
  • Scheme initiated like “Read a book and get a pen”
  • Orientation to freshers about OPAC Search
  • Installation of exhaust fans & Aqua Guard Water Facility & Fire Extinguisher


  • Colon classification and Dewey decimal classification numbers are generated on bar-coded book tags.

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