IQAC CompositionIQAC Composition 2018-19

SL.No Name Designation
1 Dr. S. I. Madiwalappagol Chair Person
2 Dr. D. D. Kulkarni Coordinator
3 Dr. P. L. Harale Member
4 Prof. S. V. Sanaki Technical Staff
5 Dr. S. G. Mathapati Member
6 Prof. G.H.Chigari Member
7 Prof.S.R.Chavan Member
8 Shri. G. D. Mudasi Member from Management
9 Shri. B. R. Digambarmath Member from Industry
10 Shri Malagouda M Patil Member from local Society
11 Prof. B. A. Managavi Nominee from Alumni
12 Vinayak Managavi Nominee from Students (B. Com III year)
13 Ashwini Patil Nominee from Students (B. Com III year)
14 Shri N. D. Nesari Administrative official

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